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This Year Marks The Nomadic Project's

5 yr Anniversary!

 On Display At:
Franklin Antique Mall..... October 2011
The Host Gallery..... March 2012
Medford Art Center..... Ongoing

      For thirteen months, visual artist Kristin Abraham and musician Alfonso Llamas toured America. They did it without payment or promise of success. The only motivation leading them was their passion to symbolically heal a divided country. The husband and wife team self-funded their entire journey by selling everything of value, including their house. They converted their Honda Element into both a home and a studio, packed a tent, a week’s worth of clothes, portable refrigerator and a simple camp stove. With an atlas in hand and no set route, they set off to spend about one week in each of the fifty states.
    The project was coined The Nomadic Project. With every state traveled, Abraham created a painting. Upon entering the next state, that single painting was placed on display at a gallery. After a year of living and working on the road, the artists had left a trail of artwork behind them. All fifty states participated by displaying a single piece of art, which was inspired by a bordering state. Abraham calls the concept “a blurring of state lines.” The act physically united the entire nation for three weeks, however it was the entire experience that offered the artists insight into the intricate make-up of America.

        View the original art, writings and music composed by the artist as it tours America and become part of art history.

Recently acquired by the Tennessee State Museum:

"Angle of Incidence"
NC Painting
The Tennessee State Museum in Nashville, TN has recently acquired the 47th painting from The Nomadic Project. The piece is titled "Angle of Incidence" and has joined the Museum's Bridgestone/Firestone Trust Fund Painting Collection. For full press release, click here.

Angle of Incidence
Originally Displayed at State Street Gallery, Madison,WI
North Carolina-inspired
24 x 30"
acrylic on canvas
Kristin Abraham

YOUnite Tour
Call for Entries & Curators
YOUnite Tour 2013

Registration Deadline August 1, 2012

Spread YOUnity world-wide through the arts! Thousands of artists will be exhibited at galleries and museums as they make their way on tour across the world


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