Signs of Life Gallery, Lawrence, KS

Kansas and Nebraska Join The Nomadic Project

The Nomadic Project navigates the middle of America, connecting Kansas and Nebraska to the eighteen states already participating. Signs of Life Gallery in Lawrence, Kansas displays the Colorado inspired painting titled "Stolen Hours." The Kansas inspired piece, "Middle America" can be viewed at Heller Art Images in Omaha, Nebraska.  Painter, Kristin Abraham and musician, Alfonso Llamas have now connected twenty states through art as they set off for Wyoming.

Kansas and Nebraska will each display a painting, available for sale, until the end of November. At that time, Abraham and Llamas plan to have connected the entire country through art. All of the paintings will be reunited in a traveling exhibit beginning in November of 2007.

To learn more about these participating galleries, contact James at Signs of Life Gallery or Stephanie at Heller Art Images. View the paintings "Stolen Hours" and "Middle America," along with their descriptions by clicking the 'Paintings link' at The Nomadic Project website also features a full overview of the conceptual art project including music, photos, a movie trailer and the chance to become part of an inspiring artistic journey.



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