Galleries Across the Country Realize the Dream of Two Artists 

With the addition of New Hampshire and Maine, forty states are participating in a conceptual art project, titled The Nomadic Project. Two artists are living out of their orange Honda Element as they connect the entire country through art, but they couldn't succeed without the participation of galleries such as the Art 3 Gallery in Manchester, NH and Ember Grove Gallery in Portland, ME.

Over eleven months after leaving their home state of Florida, artist, Kristin Abraham and musician, Alfonso Llamas, visit New England. They've traveled the South, West, Midwest, and even Alaska, before bringing The Nomadic Project to the Northeast, and aim to unite the divided land through art. As the two spend a week in each state, Abraham paints a canvas as Llamas composes original music. Abraham's painting is then displayed in a bordering state, while Llamas' music is shared online at

With a visit to Vermont, Abraham was inspired by Lake Champlain's mysterious "Champ." A painting titled "Photographic Memory" was created, and is now on display in the neighboring state of New Hampshire. Owners of Art 3 Gallery, located in Manchester, were excited to share the project with their community, and will be displaying "Photographic Memory" until the end of the year.

In Portland Maine, Ember Grove Gallery agreed to exhibit the next painting to be completed, titled "Personification." This piece was inspired by New Hampshire's loss of the granite formation called the "Old Man of the Mountain." The Ember Grove Gallery will also be displaying this single painting by Abraham until the end of December, when she and Llamas finish their tour of America.

From December 21st-31st, 2006, all fifty states will be connected with this unique project. It may seem like a small connection to some, but the two artists realize the significance by looking back at the amount of cooperation it takes from each state. "Despite our differences in politics, religion and background, we have not met a single person that doesn't find beauty in this land." Abraham explains. "That doesn't mean that we haven't had the door slammed in our face, but perseverance is a necessity in completing any dream!" she continues.

To further share their adventure with others, Abraham and Llamas are arranging for the entire body of work to come together in a traveling exhibit. This will be the first time that all fifty paintings are displayed together, and will begin in November of 2007. The paintings will be joined by journal entries, video, and Llamas' original music. The artists encourage participation by individuals in every state, as they finish their journey of the U.S.  Each email that they receive will become part of this final exhibit.

To learn more about The Nomadic Project, log on to and view images from each state. For information regarding Art 3 Gallery visit For Ember Grove Gallery, view



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