A Day Of Infamy, A Lifetime of Grandeur                               
 24 x 30"                                                      
acrylic on canvas                                                      


Fifteen States Connected by Art

California became the fifteenth state to be included in a national art project entitled The Nomadic Project. Kristin Abraham and Alfonso Llamas are the artists behind this unique vision. Abraham paints a canvas for each state, while Llamas composes original music. All of the work is created to celebrate this exciting country, and the adventures that can be had, here.

The painting, “A Day of Infamy, A Lifetime of Grandeur” was inspired by the previous state, Arizona. However, it was painted in California. Those following the nomads on their journey know that they pull inspiration from one state and leave it in a neighboring state. This blurs the borders, uniting the country, one state at a time. In this case, the painting was left in the creative city of San Francisco. The Carla Schmidt Gallery, located in the heart of downtown San Francisco, will proudly display the piece for sale until the end of November. At that time, the two artists will have completed their journey, displaying one painting in each of the 48 contiguous states.

The Nomadic Project is as much inspired by the story of this country, as the personal experiences of two passionate artists. The subject of their work is historic events, natural beauty and the habits of society combined with familiar issues of fear, love, family, and success. Whether they have experienced the awe of the Grand Canyon or just felt insignificant in an overwhelming world, each viewer can relate to topics addressed in both Abraham and Llamas’ work.

"A Day of Infamy, A Lifetime of Grandeur" is an acrylic on canvas painting, twenty-four inches wide and thirty inches tall. This particular piece brings the diverse beauty of Arizona together with its native beliefs, along with the remembrance of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. On a more personal level, the painting symbolizes an unforeseen event that left the artists temporarily stranded in Tucson.

Kristin Abraham and Alfonso Llamas want to encourage art enthusiasts to participate in The Nomadic Project at www.TheNomadicProject.com. To ensure purity in the artists’ vision, they are NOT accepting donations. They would rather share their inspirations through building relationships via email. Each email is guaranteed a part in the exhibit that will follow the original path around the country. Paintings can also be purchased through participating galleries, and the owner will receive an engraved nameplate to be displayed with their piece.

To learn more about The Nomadic Project, log on to www.TheNomadicProject.com and view images from all fifteen states. The four dimensional exhibit, showcasing all of the work, is planned to begin in November of 2007. Become part of the journey by contacting the artists directly at TheNomadicProject@gmail.com.

For information regarding Carla Schmidt Gallery, visit www.gallerycarla.com or call, toll-free, at 800-995-0535.

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