Artist, Kristin Abraham leaves "The Beautiful Things . . ." with Gallery owner Alan Day at Crossroads Contemporary, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Santa Fe's, Canyon Road, Makes Way For The Nomadic Project

The Nomadic Project continues to unite the country through art. New Mexico joins twelve other states in the conceptual art project designed by Kristin Abraham and Alfonso Llamas. Crossroads Contemporary proudly exhibits, the, Oklahoma-inspired, painting The Beautiful Things We Destroy Everyday, And That Which Survives Us.

On March 13th, 2006, exactly four months after The Nomadic Project began in Florida, Santa Fe, embraced the ambitious nomads. This makes New Mexico the thirteenth state connected by The Nomadic Project. The other twelve states include: Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Missouri, Kentucky, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma. One city in each state is displaying an original Abraham canvas until November 13th of 2006. All of the pieces will then reunite for a traveling exhibit including the forty-eight original canvases, a video documentary, and original music by Alfonso Llamas.

Crossroads Contemporary, the cornerstone of Canyon Road and Paseo de Peralta, brings contemporary art to Santa Fe’s thriving art market. Abraham and Llamas were warmly welcomed to the adobe-style gallery by, owner, and gallery director, Alan Day. The three shared their passions for art and travel before Abraham and Llamas went on to further explore New Mexico.

The Beautiful Things . . ,
will be available for purchase at Crossroads Contemporary until mid-November. The purchaser will receive an engraved plaque next to the piece for the duration of the project, as well as a permanent place in Art History. The piece, inspired by Oklahoma, was created in New Mexico. By bringing inspiration from one state to the next, the country is united through art, one state at a time.

For more information about the project, and to find out where the New Mexico-inspired piece ends up, visit or contact the artists at To find out more information on the participation of Crossroads Contemporary, contact Alan Day at (505) 982-5700.


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