Six Degrees of Separation
30 x 24"
acrylic on canvas

The Element had to stay behind.  We chose to fly to Alaska in order to have more time to explore the land.

ABC's Extreme Makeover recently rebuilt this house in Fairbanks. It is scheduled to be the season premiere.

We ate at Captain Bartlett Inn, and learned that the service is not as fast as in the lower 48!

Memory left at the C.B.I.

Moose hang out with their young by the water.

Chena Hot Springs. A nice break from the cold air!

In AK, we met up with friends, Katie and Sean.

Inside the spray painted igloo is an ice bar!

Right down the potted dirt road, stop in for a drink and free sandwiches at the Speedway!!!

(left) Statue in downtown Fairbanks, representing original settlers.

(above) There are a lot of Tai restaurants in Fairbanks!

Although it was too cloudy to get a clear view of Mount McKinley . . .

We enjoyed the scenery and (below) went to a sled dog demonstration. In the winter, Dog teams are still preferred over machine!

Denali isn't the only place to enjoy Alaska's natural landscape. As most of the land is still untouched, the drive from Fairbanks to Anchorage is magnificent. We saw this truck from Kodiak. Apparently they took a trip to the Arctic Circle!

The Alaska Mint

The Alaska Railroad

Totem Poles

And a statue of the famous Captain Cook!

We drove down to Portage where we boarded the Ptarmigan to get a close look at Portage glacier. We also admired natural ice sculptures from the boat!

With a loud rumble, The calving glacier drops ice into the lake. The glacier is retreating up the mountain.

Icebergs fill the lake, and grind against the steal as we pass through.

The ice from the glacier is crystal clear!

While watching the salmon, a sow came down to grab a bite. She can barely be seen behind this bush, but for a look at the video, click here!

A jade shop in Girdwood. Below on the left is a picture of a large chunk of jade being carved into manageable pieces.

Virtu Gallery threw a great reception for The Nomadic Project!

Back in Fairbanks, we went with Captain Sean Loosen to a "closed to the press" meeting with Sec. Rumsfeld.

The Secretary of Defense addressed the family and friends of the soldiers in the 172nd Stryker Brigade. There were many concerns regarding the recent extension of the 172nd. Instead of coming home, after a year of deployment, they were moved to Baghdad.

We actually stayed in North Pole, Alaska.

Reindeer are domesticated caribou.

(left) For our last night in Alaska, we had fresh salmon, caught by our friend, Jackie. Sean prepared it, along with some fresh halibut. (above) We enjoyed a fire and the Northern Lights. Unfortunately, the night was too dark for our cameras to capture the Aurora Borealis.

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