Virtu owners- Leah Boltz, Cari Zawodny, and Lori Boltz with The Nomadic Project- Alfonso Llamas and Kristin Abraham in front of North Dakota Mourning at Anchorage reception. North Dakota Mourning is on display at Virtu Gallery until January 1st, 2007.

Anchorage Throws Reception
For The Nomadic Project

On Friday, August 25th Anchorage's Virtu Gallery celebrated the arrival of The Nomadic Project in Alaska. 
Guests enjoyed fine art, fine dining and fine music during the three hour reception. Creators of The Nomadic Project, Kristin Abraham and Alfonso Llamas attended to reveal the featured piece "North Dakota Mourning," which will be on display at Virtu Galley until the end of the year.

North Dakota Mourning is part of The Nomadic Series that is connecting the entire U.S. through art. Visual artist, Kristin Abraham and musician, Alfonso Llamas visit each state and create an impression based on their experiences. Abraham journals through paint while Llamas produces his music. Abraham's painting is displayed in the next state over until all fifty states are traveled. Since Alaska doesn't have a bordering state, the artist's chose to connect Alaska to states that border Canada. The painting displayed in downtown Anchorage carries inspiration from North Dakota. A Minneapolis gallery is prepared to display the Alaska inspired piece once the Nomads return to the lower forty-eight.

Once the entire country is connected in this manner, all of the work will unite in an exhibit that follows the route of the journey. The exhibit will be a four-dimensional experience for viewers as original music and video by Llamas is added. Along with these elements, emails from people who contact the nomadic artists along the way will be used to connect the artwork throughout the exhibit. Journal entries, maps, and photos will also become a part of the display.

Follow The Nomadic Project as it pulls inspiration from one state and shares it with the next by visiting Also, become part of art history by contacting the artists at 

Some of the galleries committed to The Nomadic Project are American Fine Art, Dallas, TX, Crossroads Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM, Art Encounter, Las Vegas, NV, Carla Schmidt Gallery, San Francisco, CA, Habitat Gallery, Denver, CO, the Portland Art Center, Portland, OR, and Kirsten Gallery, Seattle, WA. A full list of participating galleries can be viewed at where all of the paintings, music and pictures are displayed.



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