A Day Of Infamy, A Lifetime Of Grandeur
24 x 36"
acrylic on canvas
Carla Schmidt Gallery, San Francisco, CA

To the right is Organ Pipe Formation atChiricahua National Monument

At Saguaro National Park, we saw our first saguaro cacti. Some grow akward (above), others really tall (right), and one in an uncomfortable embrace (below). With death, they remain standing, as skeletons fading back into the earth (below,right).
We watched the sun set behind the saguaro, and went to Eegees, a Tucson sub chain. Poncho has been talking about this place for years! They ship their frozen drinks all over the U.S.

Below is the day after. Our third day in Arizona left us stuck in Tucson for four days. We were hit by a nineteen year old, on his way to work at Peter Piper's Pizza. We finally convinced his insurance company to help us on our way, but it wasn't easy. The element is out of commission for three and a half weeks!


Moving again!

The "Sistine Chapel of the West" Not really! That was where we were headed when we got in the accident. The Victory records "street team" vehicle was parked outside our hotel.

At the North section of Saguaro Nat. Park . . .

The Saguaro look like people.

Casa Grande National Monument

Sometimes, the mountains look like pyramids.

Spell check!

Arizona State Capitol, Phoenix

"Last two men" champagne set. When survivors of the USS Arizona dwidles down to two men, they will toast to their shipmates and return the empty bottle to the museum.

The capitol is set up like a museum, to display the way it was originally run. The two adjacent buildings are active, today.

Above is a picture of a Condor, the largest bird in the world, while a stuffed couger is displayed to the left.

Scottsdale is designed like the old west. Full of amazing art and architecture!

Scottsdale is also where the famed architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, designed his western home, Taliesin West (in harmony with nature).

The cliff dwellings called Montezuma Castle.

A tree or a puzzle?

The views from Tuzigoot were vivid and breathtaking (left), but even just driving, we pulled off several times to admire the scenery.

Scenery like the cliffs that looked as if they are shaped of soft red clay (left), and the jagged pillers that stand like castles in the clouds.

Driving into Sedona.

Tlaquepaque in Sedona, a community of arts.

We pulled of the road because there was a mirror reflecting the striped bank. After walking down the rock, we found that the silent pool becomes an active river made up of tiny waterfalls.

"Standing on the corner of Winslow Arizona"

"There's a girl, my Lord, in a flat bed Ford"

Petrified National Forest. Wood turned to precious minerals after being buried underwater in silt and volcanic ash. Even though the wood is available from surrounding private lands, one ton of wood is stolen from the national park each month (by visitors)!

The Painted Dessert.

Abandoned vehicles are seen every now and again.

Canyon de Chelly National Monument

Ancient cliff dwellings are seen throughout.

We watched the sun illuminate the red rock,

until fading into the mountains.

Sedona rocks

Sedona orcherds

The New Mexico painting, The Existentialist vs. The Automaton, is now on display at the Terbush Gallery in Sedona Arizona.

Dancing outside of Terbush Gallery.

We met Michael at the Spiritwind Gallery.

Sunset Crater National Monument eruptied in 1064 A.D. Burnt trees, and loose ash surround the area.

Wupatki National Monument. More ruins with a fantastic view!

While at the Grand Canyon, it stormed hail and snow. Most of the time, we looked out onto a gray cloud. When the sun broke through, it revealed a vivid display of pastels and shadows. At one point, a rainbow appeared, so faint that it could only be seen with the naked eye.

It didn't look real while standing in front of it, either!

Leaving Arizona, we entered California, through Nevada, after crossing the Hoover Dam. With the amount of rock excavated for the 660 ft. base of the dam, they could have built the entire Wall of China.

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