Inside This Shell
24 x 36"
acrylic on canvas

Lehigh Artist, Kristin Abraham, Recognized Among Florida’s Top Artists

Twenty-three year old, Kristin Abraham is recognized in Kennedy Promotions Best of Florida competition with her painting titled “Inside This Shell.” Her work will join other talented, Florida based, artists in the book titled Florida’s Best, expected to be published by July of 2006. The Lehigh-based artist was encouraged to enter the “Inside This Shell” when her website caught the eye of one of the judges. The painting went on to win third place in the acrylic category and honorable mention overall.

Kristin Abraham is co-creator of the Nomadic Project, joining her husband, Alfonso Llamas, in their quest to connect the country through art. They began in Florida in November of 2005 and are currently in their eighteenth state. Abraham paints a piece inspired by one state and leaves it in the next state over. The paintings will be reunited in November of 2007 to travel the country in The Nomadic Exhibit. The exhibit will include original music and video by Llamas.

To learn more about Kennedy's Best Of Series, visit Also, view original paintings by Kristin Abraham at

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