Artist’s Statement

From the time I was young, I kept a journal. However, my entries consisted more of scribbled notes and sketches than the typical "Dear Diary. . . " Now, I use those random records and compositions, along with nostalgic literature and lyrics to feed my visual form of communication.

As second oldest of nine children, I kept my thoughts private by using mirror-writing, which was inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci's scientific studies. I now use that style of writing within my art (as well as in my signature). I feel that this helps to distort the language that, while significant, is not the focal point of the work. Words are merely used as a backdrop or side note to the art as a whole.


Kristin Abraham is an award-winning artist born December of 1982 in Rochester, New York.
Prior to pursuing a full time career as a fine artist, Abraham moved to Southwest Florida and apprenticed with artist Cary diValentin. She then went on to teach art at the intermediate and high school levels. 

From November of 2005 until December of 2006, Abraham dedicated an entire year to a conceptual art project titled The Nomadic Project. She is now known nationally for depicting her American journey through art.

Kristin Abraham’s paintings are loaded with symbolism and simple images that speak of stories long forgotten or not yet told. In her most recent pieces, she incorporates the handwritten words within the composition to enhance the subject matter. By age twenty-four, Abraham's work had been exhibited in museums, galleries and art centers nation-wide. She was recognized by the National Society of Arts and Letters, published in the Kennedy Promotions “Best Of Florida” book, and awarded an Artist’s Achievement Grant from the state of Florida. 

Some of the galleries known to exhibit Abraham's art include, but are not limited to The Whistler House Museum (Lowell, MA), The Ramsey Museum (Honolulu, HI), Aesthetic Eye Gallery (Chicago, IL) and Ward-Nasse Gallery (NY, NY). Abraham's work can also be found in private collections throughout the U.S. and Europe.

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