(above left) City of Silos: Iowa-inspired, 24 x 30", acrylic on canvas. (above right) Kristin Abraham meets with Chicago gallery owner, Elissa Furguson at Aesthetic Eye.

The Nomadic Project in Chicago
Illinois recently became the thirty-first state included in a national conceptual art project, entitled The Nomadic Project. Kristin Abraham and Alfonso Llamas are the minds and hands behind this vision.  The two artists work to connect the entire U.S. through art, however none of it would be possible without the participation of galleries like Chicago's Aesthetic Eye.

The Nomadic Project is as much inspired by the story of this country, as the personal experiences of two passionate artists. Abraham and Llamas only spend a week in each state, but in that time, they express their inspiration through art. Abraham creates a canvas painting while Llamas composes music. While the music is saved to be released together on one album, each painting is placed at a seperate gallery. By pulling inspiration from one state and displaying it in the next, The Nomadic Project is blurring borders and connecting the country through art.

Aesthetic Eye, located on Chicago Ave, will proudly display the piece, titled City of Silos, for sale until January 1st, 2007. At that time, the nomads will have completed their journey, displaying one painting in each of the fifty states. The painting, City of Silos was inspired by Iowan farmland, and the structures that surround it. "In place of skyscrapers and pavement, there is a city built entirely of silos and cornfields." explains Abraham. "It takes us back to the roots of American living, however seem somewhat futuristic in appearance," she adds.

Abraham and Llamas want to encourage art enthusiasts and traveling fans to participate in The Nomadic Project at www.TheNomadicProject.com. The nomads can be contacted directly at TheNomadicProject@gmail.com, where each email is guaranteed a part in the following exhibit. Paintings can also be purchased by contacting Abraham (abrahamart@gmail.com), or through participating galleries. The owner will receive an engraved nameplate to be displayed with their piece, as well as a signed print to display as their painting tours the U.S.

To learn more about The Nomadic Project, log on to www.TheNomadicProject.com and view images from each state. Also, keep an eye out for the four dimensional exhibit, showcasing the complete series of paintings, music and journal entries. This show is planned to begin in November of 2007 and travel in the path of The Nomadic Project. For information regarding Aesthetic Eye, visit www.aestheticeye.net or call 312.243.1520, and ask for Elissa Furguson.



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