Enjoying the Fine Art at Habitat Gallery

Denver's Hot Art Scene Welcomes The Nomadic Project

Santa Fe, Chicago and even New York, here comes Denver! The Denver art scene is thriving and shows no sign of slowing down. "The city itself is in the midst of a cultural surge with the opening of a major Denver Art Museum expansion in the fall which will bring hundreds of thousands of visitors.  Our art district is the epicenter of the states culture with 4,000 to 5,000 in our district for each First Friday Art Walk." declares Jack  Pappalardo, President of the art district, and Executive Director of Habitat Gallery.

The Habitat Gallery, located on Santa Fe Drive in downtown Denver, signed on to The Nomadic Project on May 10th, 2006. The evening meeting started with a tour of the two-story space, and ended with a fantastic rooftop view of the city. 
Along with Habitat Gallery Jack Pappalardo and his talented wife, Georgia Amar run Camp Amar. The camp provides inspiration and education for promising young artists.

Habitat Gallery will display the Nomadic Series painting titled Genus Tulipa Sub Rosa until the entire country is connected in November. With display of Kristin Abraham's painting, inspired by Utah, Colorado becomes the 18th state to participate in The Nomadic Project. Abraham and musician, Alfonso Llamas are recording their one year journey through the country with art. They connect the country with paintings as Abraham pulls inspiration from one state and leaves it in the next. All of the artwork can be viewed at www.TheNomadicProject.com, where Llamas' music is also available. View the new video trailer of their adventure, and participate in this unique conceptual art project today. Any emails correspondences automatically become part of the exhibit that tours the country in November of 2007.

For more information on The Nomadic project, log on to www.TheNomadicProject.com, or contact the artists directly at TheNomadicProject@gmail.com. To learn about Colorado's participation, and the Denver art scene, contact Jack at info@habitatgallery.com or visit www.HabitatGallery.com today!



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