* We love to answer any and all questions about The Nomadic Project, and understand that
                                    it is not easily summed up in one sentence. We only have a week to cover an entire state,
                                    paint a painting, compose music, find a gallery, update the site, etc.! With that said, please
                                    help us by checking here for the answers to your questions! Then, send us an email because
                                    we always enjoy reading your response!

1. What is required of the participating gallery?

 There is no cost to the participating galleries. Basically, all that we require of each gallery is to display one painting (inspired by a bordering state) for the remainder of the 2006 year. We will agree on commission for sales during our meeting. We send out press releases when each gallery participates, however some galleries have benefited by contacting their local press connections.
2. Who is funding this project?

The entire project is funded by the artists (Kristin Abraham and Alfonso Llamas)! Savings and art sales make "Connecting the country through art" possible! That is a significant reason for the $20,000 budget!

For the exhibit, we are considering accepting sponsorships, and applying for grants, however we want to keep the first phase of the project (traveling and creating the artwork) uninfluenced from outside sources!

3. Can a gallery just display the exhibit without participating now?

The gallery that participates by displaying the initial painting will have first choice in hosting the entire exhibit. If they can't, due to the size of their gallery, conflicting dates, etc., then we will turn to interested galleries/ art centers/ museums that have shown an interest. The sooner that you let us know of your interest, the better! We will put you at the top of our list and send out an exhibit proposal around January.

4. Can a gallery just display one painting without the entire exhibit?

Of course, we understand that not every exhibit space can allow for the type of exhibit that we have planned, and we look forward to including excited galleries in the project. Your gallery will continue to receive recognition throughout the exhibit for participating.

5. When will you be in my town or city?

Good question! We plan out a rough route two states before, so we can't guarantee when we will be where (hence the title Nomadic)! Sometimes we plan to spend a full day somewhere, and find it uninspiring. Or we will run into someone who sends us to an amazing place that wasn't on our route! Other times, the painting process takes longer than planned. However, if there is an event that you would like to plan around our arrival, let us know in advance, and we will schedule a date to be in your city.

6. When is the exhibit?

Unlike the initial trip, the exhibit will have precise dates (set forth in March of 2007). That time line will be posted on our website once Phase #1 of the project is completed.

7. Where did this concept come from?

This is a question that we enjoy answering. Over three years ago, we (Kristin Abraham and Alfonso Llamas) recognized a common dream of traveling. A one year  trip around the U.S. was the plan.

Being artists, the question "Where do we store paintings while traveling?" was answered with "leave a painting behind!" Therefore, the concept of connecting the country through art was born. The answer to "How do we travel on a budget, yet live (somewhat) comfortably?" was found when Honda came out with the rugged and roomy Honda Element. These were the type of questions that we asked ourselves, and simply put, the concept came to fruition with creative problem solving!

Finally, we thought that bringing all of the work back together would make for an interesting and educational exhibit. Not only would it share an artistic journey, it would illustrate a personal one as the two of us evolved and matured throughout the conflicts and rewards that we would face. After all, we are young, newly married and passionately creative. As the project snowballed, we became The Nomadic Project and the exhibit became a four-dimensional experience for viewers.

Finally, we decided to just go for it. If we failed, then we would still be better off than if we had never tried. We sold our house and belongings and became official "Nomads."

Initially, the plan was to casually leave the paintings in galleries or coffee houses, but after receiving interest from galleries in big and small cities alike, we decided to focus primarily on galleries. Also, the project was only set to cover 48 states in a year. With the excitement that joined us in the first half, we decided to extend The Nomadic Project to all fifty states. This meant that it would take more than the proposal of "one year, one vehicle!" Did we mention that this project snowballed?

8. What makes you qualified for this project?

This question is the best (insert sarcastic tone here)! Only pretentious galleries, who don't even bother to visit the website before getting back to us, ask this one! So, if you are asking this, we probably aren't right for each other. The answer is, quite simply, "we created it!" We are The Nomadic Project. Yes, we are young, but refuse to sit around and wait for someone as passionate as us to come up with the concept and follow through with it? We feel like there are a lot of preconceived notions formed about this country. Through our experiences, those have been blown out of the water. Hopefully, our work will teach at least one person something that they didn't learn in school about the country that they live in! Along with that, it might incite someone else to get out and follow their dreams!

9. What type of music does Alfonso Llamas write?

You tell us! We've begun calling it a combination between rock and classical, however that is up for interpretation. Listen to some of the songs on this site, and let us know if you can better classify it!

10. Who paints the paintings?

Believe it or not, after all of the explanations that we could possibly give, people still ask this! Kristin Abraham is the artist of EACH painting that is a part of The Nomadic Project! Sometimes that only leaves two days to paint a 24 x 30" canvas, but it gets done! With that in mind, remember that this is a "conceptual art project," and the paintings are often quick impressions, or sketches, of each state!

11. What is the goal of The Nomadic Project?
This question is extremely vital. Without a goal, The Nomadic Project would simply consist of two hippie artists, wandering aimlessly throughout America! To avoid getting wordy, the main goal of this conceptual art project is to use expression through art to share what is "in your own backyard." As Americans, we spend much of our time in the work place, so dream holidays usually consist of traveling to far and exotic lands. With this project, we hope to share that you may not have to travel far to see amazing things! We are all guilty of overlooking the beauty that lies beneath our feet. We simply take it for granted. A very common thing for locals to do is tell us of a state that is far from there own! We share what we just visited 100 miles away, and they respond with "I've heard it's great, but never been!" By bringing inspiration from a neighboring state, we hope to share that there is an amazing place right next door!

Another important goal of ours is to simply inspire. This concept was nothing more than a dream for over three years! Family, friends, and even we believed it would never happen! However, persistence, optimism, and hard work made this far off dream an incredible reality! Don't let anyone tell you to leave that concept for the dreamers! Step out of society's box and prove the pessimists wrong!

Finally, with The Nomadic Project, we hope to reveal historical events of the land. This country, although young as a nation, is just as old as any other land mass. Along with more recent events that took place as borders were created and wars fought, there are also fantastic things that occurred here thousands of years ago. It is extremely important to explore beyond the binding of a history book.

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