From the Ground Up
24 x 30"
acrylic on canvas

Illinois became a state in 1818

(right) Ronald Reagan's birthplace.

Reagan (40th U.S.President) Boyhood Home

This plane is dedicated to farming related businesses that survived the "agricultural crash" of 1980's.

1845 Lincoln Farm

Inside one of the cabins at the Lincoln Farm

Kristin painted at Ballard Nature Center.

Lincoln's Tomb, Springfield, IL

(right) Kristin rubs the nose of a Lincoln sculpture in front of his tomb.

Lincoln Home National Historic Site

(right) Springfield, IL - state Capitol building

Illinois old state capitol

Dana-Thomas House (Frank Lloyd Wright design)

Abraham Lincoln's Law office, Springfield IL

Poet, Vachel Lindsay, Home

Washington Park Botanical Gardens

The Nomads at Joliet Prison, now abandoned.

Along the Fox River, we visited Joliet and found the prison used for the hit TV show, Prison Break.
Wait, there's Link scaling the wall!

(right) MCA- Museum of Contemporary Art

Water Tower Place survived the Chicago fires.

Frank Lloyd Wright's home and studio, Oak Park.

Hemingway House

Unity Temple- Wright's "little jewel box"

Sears Tower- one of the world's tallest buildings.

Your neighborhood ballpark!

Chicago's Lake Michigan border

Lincoln Park Zoo - Free everyday!!

Kristin meets with Elissa Furgusson at Aesthetic Eye. The Chicago gallery displays Iowa-inspired, painting
titled City of Silos.

(left) Art Institute of Chicago

Nomadic Link

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