City of Silos
24 x 36"
acrylic on canvas
Aesthetic Eye, Chicago, IL

Iowa became a state in 1846

The welcome center was in the shape of a barn!

We were immediately impacted by the ethereal cycle of nature. This bird lay lifeless in front of our car, when we returned from the visitor center.

(right) Nearby, a monarch landed among the sharp needles of a pine.

At a rundown park in Waterloo, the memorial reminds us of the five Sullivan brothers: George, Francis, Joseph, Madison, and Albert, who were all killed on the same day (Nov. 13th, 1952), during WWII.

Minnesota-inspired painting, One Fur Trade, was placed on display at Kavanaugh Gallery in Des Moines, IA. (above) Mr. Kavanaugh stands with artists, Alfonso Llamas and Kristin Abraham.

The old capital building (in Iowa City)

New Capital building in Des Moines, IA.

The new capital building sits up on a hill, overlooking all of Des Moines!

(right) Kristin tries her first "pineapple whip" at the Iowa state fair!

People in Iowa look forward to the state fair all year, and they show up with remarkably large animals, such as this huge boar! Here, a little girl was just told that it will bite her arm off if she puts her hand in between the bars!

This Brahman/Angus bull, named Blacky, weighs 3,090 pounds! Its head alone was as large as a human torso!

(right) Ticket booth at the Iowa State Fair

The fair lights inspired the sky in "City of Silos"

31st President, Herbert Hoover is buried in Iowa city alongside Lou Henry Hoover.

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