More Than Just Horses
24 x 36"
acrylic on canvas
Good Girl Art, Springfield, MO

We entered Kentucky on January 5th, at 2:52 p.m. Then, followed signs to Jenny Wiley's grave. We didn't know who she was, but it seemed important.

At Mountain Homeplace, in Paintsville KY, we learned some important Kentucky history, including who Jenny Wiley was.

We even watched a video narrated by, Paintsville born, John Boy from The Waltons.
We hiked the "shortest and easiest route" to the natural bridge which was 1/2 mi. uphill.  We were passed by a 70 yr. old man, whistling.

No more taco bell for us!
Going across the natural bridge. The hike was definately worth it! To get to the top, you shuffle through a narrow walkway. There aren't any handrails at the top, so watch your step!

Nada Tunnel.
(oh, yes it is!)

Poncho almost ran off the edge of the cliff at Swift Creek.

Fayette Gallery, Lexington, KY
Left At The Tracks was place at Fayette Gallery in Lexington.

We camped at Fort Boonsborough and visited downtown Lexington the next day. Upstairs in Victorian Square, we were able to visit with artists in there studios.

Downtown Lexington

Victorian Square
At  the Kentucky Horse Park, we learned about the dry stone fences that we'd seen throughout central KY. Most were built in the 19th century by Irish stonemasons.

Today, there is an active effort to preserve and continue the art of dry stonemasonry.

State Capital, Frankfort, KY.
In the Frankfort Cemetery, we visited Daniel Boone's grave. His remains were moved here from Missouri in 1835 to commemorate the great frontiersman and his wife, Rebecca. Daniel Boone first entered eastern KY in 1767. Paul Sawyier is also buried in Frankfort Cemetery. This Kentuckian painted the beautiful Kentucky landscape. An example of his work can be viewed at The Speed Museum in Louisville, KY.

 We spent all of Sunday wandering around Louisville. We went to Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby,

Gallerie Hertz
where we talked with owner, Billy Hertz,

Louisville Slugger Museum
closed on Sundays,

experienced an abundance of public art,


silent protests,

even interesting light fixtures,

all with great conversation. . .

We really enjoyed Louisville.
When we camped near Jim Beam distillery, we went exploring at night. While making moon drawings with the camera, something ran across the path ahead.

It was probably just a deer, but we like to tell people that we were stalked by wolves! 

We spent the next day exploring the Bernheim Forest, visiting Lincoln's birthplace, and going to My Old Kentucky Home.

Knob Creek, Lincoln's boyhood home.

Carriage house at My Old KY Home.

Then, we visited Mammoth Cave.

And, saw a really bad wreck.

Visited with Kim at
Lot 916 Gallery, Bowling Green, KY
Before leaving KY, More Than Just Horses was completed, and we spent another night at land between the lakes.

We want to thank everyone and everything responsible for showing us how amazing Kentucky is. We will absolutely return!

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