(from right to left) Gallery owner and director Rod Maly and Kristine Maly stand with artist's Kristin Abraham and Alfonso Llamas

Las Vegas Welcomes The Nomadic Project

"Welcome to Las Vegas" announces Rod Maly with a smile and handshake. Maly's gallery, Art Encounter, now represents Nevada in The Nomadic Project. Nevada is the sixteenth state to participate in the conceptual art project that is connecting the country through art. Each week, a state is traveled by two the artists, Kristin Abraham and Alfonso Llamas.

Abraham, painter, creates a canvas piece inspired by the land, the people, and the emotions that are experienced in a particular state.  That painting is then placed at a gallery in it's bordering state. Llamas is a musician, composing poetic melodies along the way. His passionate lyrics illustrate a deeper dimension of the journey. Experiences from The Nomadic Project are also journaled through writings and video.

"We have the largest collection of Contemporary Art in the state," explains gallery director of artist relationsTTf, Sharon Darcy. Art Encounter has had a significant role in Las Vegas' art scene for over a decade, serving the community with annual auctions and charity events. Art Encounter looks forward to hosting the entire Nomadic Project Exhibit when it tours the country, beginning in 2007. Until then, the gallery participates by displaying the 24 x 30" painting, titled Mea Culpa.

Mea Culpa, latin for "my fault," was inspired by The Nomadic Project in California. The painting illustrates the San Andreas Fault and the fantastic cycle of water. Abraham's use of symbolism invites viewers into the deep emotions of an artist, dealing with familiar life issues. Mea Culpa hangs at Art Encounter in Las Vegas until the end of November 2006. "By pulling inspiration from California and bringing it to Nevada
The Nomadic Project continues to unite the country through art,"shares Abraham. 

The Nomadic Project is quickly connecting the country through art. Make sure that you don't miss out on this exciting journey by visiting www.TheNomadicProject.com.  Contact the artists directly at TheNomadicProject@gmail.com and become part of art history, today. Or visit one of the participating galleries.

For more information on Art Encounter and Nevada's participation, contact Sharon Darcy at 800-395-2996.


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