(left) Gallery owner, Penny
Ronning with Kristin Abraham
at The House of Fine Art, MT

Slight Return

  Washington inspired
  30 x 24"
  acrylic on canvas

25 States Connected By Art

On July 24th, 2006, Kristin Abraham and Alfonso Llamas met with film producer and gallery owner, Penny Ronning. Four hours passed as the three artists discussed everything from art to history, and even politics.
With her signature, Ronning committed The House of Fine Art to The Nomadic Project. Montana is the 25th state to be included in the conceptual art project that continues to connect the country through art.

The House of Fine Art
attracts visitors in search of traditional, modern, and even video art. The gallery participates in monthly art walks and film events that take place in Livingston, Montana. "It is a town built on art," Ronning explains as she credits artist, Russell Chatham to opening one of the first galleries to attract visitors to the town. Since then, art has driven this small town of 6,000 residents. Along with an impressive collection of galleries, Livingston is home to two art centers, which is quite a recovery from the ghost town left behind when the railroad pulled out of town.

Ronning explains that she immediately fell in love with the ambitious Nomadic Project, and like other gallery owners, admits to imagining Abraham and Llamas as much older. The House of Fine Art will be displaying Slight Return until the end of the year. From September 16th - November 4th, Abraham's painting will become part of an exhibit called "Vital Ground." This is a charity event that benefits the nonprofit organization "Vital Ground" whose mission is to protect and restore North America's grizzly bear populations by conserving wildlife habitat. If the painting is purchased during this time, a portion of the proceeds will go directly to Vital Ground.

Abraham and Llamas work together to connect the country through art and provide a follow-up exhibit to provoke discussion and incite adventure. Abraham creates a new painting each week based on her impression of the state visited. The painting is then displayed at a gallery in the next state over. This carries inspiration from one state to the next, an act that blurs the state borders, therefore uniting the country through art. Llamas is composing the soundtrack for the exhibit as he communicates his experiences through poetic melodies. Armed with an acoustic guitar and raw passion, the composer records on a Apple Power Book.

Some of the galleries committed to The Nomadic Project are American Fine Art, Dallas, TX, Crossroads Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM, Art Encounter, Las Vegas, NV, Carla Schmidt Gallery, San Francisco, CA, Habitat Gallery, Denver, CO and the Portland Art Center,  Portland, OR. A full list of participating galleries can be viewed at www.TheNomadicProject.com where all of the paintings, music and pictures are displayed.

Another important aspect of the journey is the involvement of the community. Individuals are encouraged to track the journey at www.TheNomadicProject.com and correspond via e-mail (TheNomadicProject@gmail.com). A new forum has been launched on the website to provoke conversation about travel, art, and music. Since the exhibit is a four dimensional experience for participants, this input from the community will be a vital part of the project.

Upon completion of the journey, the traveling show will spend about two weeks in each state, beginning in Florida and following the route of the trip. The Nomadic Project exhibit will feature all the facets of the journey, including paintings, sketches, music, video and even their mode of transportation.



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