30 x 24"                           
acrylic on canvas                           
American Fine Art, Dallas, TX                

The Nomadic Project toured Louisiana from Feb. 3-10.
Almost six months after hurricane Katrina, people are continue to gather together their homes. The best way to describe the area is to think of the movie The Wizard of Oz. Houses were completely lifted, and dropped, landing on power lines and trees, and anything else in their way.
It seems that  the french quarter has cleaned up just in time for their famous Mardi Gras. As the sign reads . . .

"Nothing cancels Mardi Gras."

St. Louis Cathedral is still standing, and the Superdome, re-opening.
This bug is selling postcards for donations. Creative fundraising. Props to its creator!

At Boudreau & Thibodeau's Cajun Cookin', we had ourselves some gumbo and gator! Mmm, mmm, tastes like chicken!

State capital, Baton Rouge & Old state capital building

Chreṫien Plantation, Tera, Gone With the Wind?

Beverly, Rose, Frances shared Rayne with us.

It's the "frog capital of the world," of course! The town is filled with frog murals. We didn't have frog legs, but we did try crawfish for the first time at the Crawfish Hut. (doesn't taste like chicken!)
We could have had clams at Indian Creek. Instead, we made some turkey sandwiches and had a picnic.

River Oaks Art Center, Alexandria, LA.

And another phenomenal sunset!

At Longleaf Vista in Kisatchie National Forest, Mississippi's painting, Hihla, was finally completed.
Yet again, the Element exceeds our expectations. No, we aren't sponsored by Honda, but you might want to get yourself one of these! Natchitoches, the oldest town in LA, 1714. Try a meatpie. They are famous there. No comment on the taste.

Purple fields.

More plantations. (Cherokee Plantation)

Creole architecture dated back to early 1820's.

Oakland Plantation, visit fattening pen & wash house!

Melrose Estate, 1796
St. Augustine Catholic Church, 1803. Here, the wedding scene from the movie Steel Magnolia's was filmed.

Writer, Robert Harling was a Natchitoches native.

The painting, Hihla, was placed at the
Heritage Gallery in Shreveport, Louisiana.

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