(left) Mansfield Art Center. (right) Upstairs in the Art Center, Alfonso Llamas and Kristin Abraham stand on either side
of Executive Director, Paul Kemerling after a presentation on The Nomadic Project.

Ohio Hospitality Extended
to Traveling Artists

Kristin Abraham and Alfonso Llamas created The Nomadic Project to use art to inspire and educate individuals about the United States. They feel the goal was accomplished in their thirty-fifth state, as Mansfield, Ohio welcomed The Nomadic Project with open arms.

Abraham and Llamas have been on the road for over ten months, in the effort to connect all fifty states through art. Each state is represented by one city, where a single painting is displayed until the end of 2006. Each painting is created by Abraham, and illustrates a physical, historical or emotional response to the state. As a painting is completed, it is placed on display in a bordering state. While Abraham paints, Llamas journals his experiences through original music and literature.

The Nomadic Project received a warm welcome from Mansfield, Ohio, when the Mansfield Art Center agreed to display the Indiana-inspired painting, entitled Driven. MAC's Executive Director, Paul Kemerling arranged for Abraham and Llamas to give an assembly at Discovery School, and another presentation at the Mansfield Art Center.

"It was great to share two completely different aspects of the project, all in one day. While talking with the students, we were able to emphasize the amazing wonders that lie within each state. The goal being to inspire them to explore what lies in their own backyard, and follow their dreams. While speaking with adults, we could focus more on the emotional response that leads to each painting, along with the use of art to remind future generations of historical events." Explains Abraham.

Before leaving town, Mansfield provided the Nomadic artists with complementary tickets to the Symphony at Renaissance Theater, along with studio space to create in. The Nomads truly appreciated the hospitality shown by all of Mansfield, and look forward to future visits.

"From the moment we arrived in Mansfield, to the moment we left, we felt embraced by the community." Llamas shares.

To learn more about The Nomadic Project, log on to www.TheNomadicProject.com and view images from each state. Also, keep an eye out for the four dimensional exhibit, showcasing the complete series of paintings, music and journal entries. This show is planned to begin in November of 2007 and travel in the path of The Nomadic Project. For information regarding Mansfield Art Center visit www.mansfieldartcenter.org.

Abraham and Llamas also encourage participation by every state, as they finish their journey of the U.S.  Each email that they receive will become part of the final exhibit. Paintings can also be purchased by contacting Abraham (abrahamart@gmail.com), or directly through participating galleries. The owner will receive an engraved nameplate to be displayed with their piece, as well as a signed print to display as their painting tours the U.S.



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