Connecting Alaska and Minnesota
The Nomadic Project returned from Alaska with a painting inspired by a midori sour and a salmon. Minneapolis has been chosen to represent the last frontier in this conceptual art project that is connecting the entire U.S. through art. But why Minnesota? Why a green beverage?

The Nomadic Project is pulling inspiration from one state and displaying it in a bordering state. Alaska became the 28th state to be connected when a North Dakota-inspired painting was placed at Virtu Gallery in Anchorage. Every other state, thus far, has received a painting from a bordering state. Kristin Abraham and Alfonso Llamas, creators of The Nomadic Project had to get creative when adding Alaska. They figured that using states bordering Canada was as close as they would get. When the Nomads flew back into the lower forty-eight, their flight landed in Minneapolis. This made Minnesota Alaska's representative.

In Six Degrees of Separation, each element contains a literal and figurative meaning. The main inspiration came from floating amongst iceburgs in Portage Glacier Lake, however the Northern lights, spawning salmon and the history of native Alaskans all play important  roles in this piece.

This multi-faceted painting was brought to Minneapolis's Homewood Studios,  run by George and Beverly Roberts. The Nomadic Project was warmly welcomed in Homewood Studios as the four (Abraham, Llamas and the Roberts') talked around a low, steel, rectangular coffee table. A row of windows on one wall, artwork on the other, wood floors and high ceilings come together to create a refreshing exhibition space. George, a retired English teacher, explains the origin of Homewood studios, and its importance to the community. He discusses a passion for experience, risk, and collaborating with the community, all of which are driving forces behind The Nomadic Project. Homewood Studios will proudly display Six Degrees of Separation until the end of the year, when all fifty states will be connected through art by visual artist, Kristin Abraham and musician, Alfonso Llamas.

Abraham and Llamas want to encourage art enthusiasts and traveling fans to participate in The Nomadic Projectat Also, keep an eye out for the exhibit uniting all fifty paintings, music, and supporting materials. The exhibit will begin in November of 2007 and tour in the path of the Nomads. Abraham and Llamas can be contacted directly at, where each email is guaranteed a part in the following exhibit. Paintings can also be purchased by contacting Abraham (, or through participating galleries. The owner will receive an engraved nameplate to be displayed with their piece, as well as a signed print to display as their painting tours the U.S.

To learn more about The Nomadic Project, log on to and view images from each state. For information regarding Homewood Studios, visit or call 6, and ask for George Roberts.



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