24 x 30"
acrylic on canvas

Became a state in 1889

A quick meal on the river!

Along Flathead Lake

Became a park in 1910

Blackfeet legend of the land is that it was created by a battle between the sun (old father) and the moon (old mother). Scientists would say that it was glaciation- the forming, moving and melting of glaciers. 

Although the mountains used to be covered in glacier, due to what scientists in 1980 believed was global warming, the glaciers have been slowly melting away.

A Prairie Dog poses for a photo.

Turquoise lakes indicate glaciers grinding sedimentary rock which absorbs most of the light.

This coyote was wondering down the road in Glacier.

In 1906, Lewis Meriwether was returning from his expedition West and faced the only conflict of the entire journey. Two Blackfeet boys were killed.

The Beautiful Things That We Destroy Everyday, and Those That Survive Us . . .

Helena, MT, capital building.

Peaceful protest, Eyes Wide Open

(left) Film producer and gallery owner, Penny Ronning with Kristin Abraham at The House of Fine Art in Livingston, MT.

(above) Factory outside of Livingston.

Pronghorn Deer at Little Bighorn Battlefield

Countless headstones mark where each soldier fell.

A new Lakota marker. The park was originally called "Custer's Battlefield," however it was recently renamed to respect the Sioux and allied tribes (led by Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse) that also lost their lives in the battle.

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