Into the Great Unknown
24 x 30"
acrylic on canvas

 Our first stop in Nebraska was the Homestead National Monument, which was set aside to remember the Homestead Act of 1862 (signed in by President Abraham Lincoln).

State Capital - Lincoln was originally named Lancaster, but renamed in 1867 in honor of the 16th president.

Camping at Louisville State Park

While playing Scrabble, the easel blew over and ruining the painting!

Our tent was twenty feet from the tracks.

So we spent a lot of time listening to the train and staring at the top of the tent!

We hung out in Omaha at Memorial Park.

Painting and creating music. It was a perfect day. Warm and sunny, with just enough breeze to keep us cool.

The Memorial at Memorial Park!

(right) Heller Gallery in Omaha is now displaying Middle America.

Our favorite, and most memorable experience in Nebraska was spent with Bob Hayes and Goldie, from Red Cloud. We stopped to take a picture, and sat and talked with him until sunset. He shared his WWII stories and even told us how he met his wife (who recently passed). Learning about how much he has seen change in the eighty years of his life was more than interesting. Puddle jumpers and veteran dances are no more. Red Cloud's main street isn't a thriving place for "trading" anymore as locals save money at big chain stores like Walmart. It really makes us wonder what things will be like when we are eighty. What will be left of this amazing country?

The Archway Memorial Bridge. The only memorial built over a U.S. interstate. NOT a national park, though, so be prepared to spend some money!

We didn't go through the bridge, but we saw a snake nearby, and that was entertaining!

Scott's Bluff National Monument

From atop Scott's Bluff.

Our first experience with pronghorn!

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