New Mexico

The Automaton vs. The Existentialist
30 x 24"
acrylic on canvas
Terbish Gallery, Sedona, Arizona

A New Mexico welcome! Apparently, someone spread the moos that The Nomadic Project was on there way!

Our first big stop was Capulin Volcano. Opposite is the view from the top where hardened lava formed waves in the land.

Trees growing from the top of Capulin Volcano.

The prison at Fort Union.

Green grass? No, perfectly cut turf!

Almost everyone in Taos is an artist!
  It is a creative community built out of mud! All of the buildings are built in the adobe style architecture, even the commercial chains.   

Tours for Georgia O'Keeffe's home and studio.

Red Rocks

Painted Mountains

Ancient ruins (Aztec, New Mexico)

Ceremonial kiva at the Aztec Ruins

Pueblo Bonito, Chaco Culture, New Mexico

Stuck in a gas station in Thoreau, waiting out the snow. Thankfully, there was a laundromat!

El Morro National Monument
Since the trail was closed due to the snow, we talked with Paul Mace, a volunteer at El Morro National Park.

We went to an ancient art museum! (right) One of many drawings at Petroglyph National Monument, Albuquerque.

Historic Route 66, Albuquerque.

Crossroads Contemporary, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Alan Day (owner of Crossroads Contemporary) poses with Kristin and Oklahoma inspired "The Beautiful Things"
With Crossroads Contemporary, Santa Fe participates in The Nomadic Project, making New Mexico the 13th state to be connected with art. 

The Georgia O'Keeffe Museum, Santa Fe

New Mexico Capitol building, Santa Fe
In New Mexico's capital building, the walls are covered with art. We were surprised to see the variety of art displayed, like this "junk sculpture" bust of a buffalo. Contemporary and controversial art makes the capitol a must see!

We spent some time at the Atomic Cafe in Santa Fe, where our waiter played guitar and we worked on the internet (and ate great cake)!

The ruins at Bandelier National Monument.
To access the cliff dwellings, we climbed ladders. To the Ceremonial Cave, there is a 140 ft. vertical ascent via ladders and stairs! The Anasazi were incredably innovative! They also had to be in great shape. Some of the walkways are very narrow. 

"If only my legs were a bit longer!"

The kiva at the top of the 140 ft ascent.

A cave with a view!

The sqirrel that resembles a koala.
Caught a tumbleweed!

Why do we always sleep next to train tracks?

Abo Ruins, Salinas Pueblo Missions Nat. Mon.

Gran Quivira Ruins

I don't think we are in America anymore!
Roswell, NM. The lights downtown have alien eyes. We had to visit the UFO museum. Even McDonalds was shaped like a space ship. It wasn't all about the aliens, though, there is a great art community as well!

UFO Museum, Roswell

Lanice, who works at the Anderson Museum, ran into us at Wendy's and invited us to visit before leaving Roswell. The museum showcases works of art produced by alumni of the Roswell Artist-in-Residence Program. And is worth every minute of your time!

White Sands National Monument

We walked the dunes,

and slid down them, too.

Border Patrol

Gila (hee-la) Cliff Dwellings

Amazing architecture!

Volunteer, Jim Ransom

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