New York

All Grown Up
24 x 30"
acrylic on canvas
Polonaise Gallery, Woodstock, VT

New York, Kristin's home state!

Just in time for autumn- the greatest season of the year!

We went to visit with family in Wayland

Common site - hot air balloon hovering above the trees.

Kristin's mom and younger siblings came from AL to surprise us at a family get together.

(From left to right) Tommy, Danny and John- Kristin's three youngest brothers.

riding down the  hill in a radio flyer wagon

Even Alfonso joined the fun!

(above) We met childhood friends at Letchworth state park for a picnic. Jamie Roberts and Katie Kress sit to the left of Kristin and Alfonso.

(left) John collects some apples to throw into the pond!

Alfonso, Kristin, Jamie Roberts, Dave Kress, Adam

What do people do in upstate NY? Grow huge pumpkins, of course!

Kristin spent her childhood in this house. Although they have begun residing it, the only huge difference is how tall the trees have gotten!

We spent time with Kristin's grandmother in Rochester.

That night, we drove to Niagara and slept in Canada!

From the Canadian side, it is easy to see the American falls (above) and Canadian "horseshoe" falls (below).

Returning to the U.S. via the Rainbow Bridge.

We get a close up view of the American Falls.

We visited Hyde park and toured FDR's birth home.

Inside Franklin Delano Roosevelt

The driveway that FDR was determined to walk down.

Sara, FDR's mother, kept a magnificent rose garden. Here lies the grave of FDR and wife, Anna.

We also toured the Vanderbilt mansion, where Cornelius Vanderbilt used his fortune, made from the shipping and railroad industry, to build a summer home. Today, even the richest man could not afford to build and run a house as fine as this.

Albany "the egg"

Hudson River

New York State Capital, Albany

Birthplace of Modern Electricity.

On our way into New York City, we were stopped for filming. We found out that ever since 9/11, you aren't aloud to film in certain areas of the city unless you have a permit. This includes bridges and tunnels.

The Pennsylvania-inspired painting, titled "Administering the Wealth" is placed on display at Ward-Nasse Gallery in SoHo.

Off to New Jersey!

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