The Understanding Stairs
24 x 30"
acrylic on canvas

Taft Museum of Art, Cincinnati, Ohio

We enjoyed exploring Cincinnati.

Columbus, Ohio has separate districts. For example, this house was in German Village.

The Book Loft is a literary dream! It has 32 rooms of books, and is VERY easy to get lost in!

Capital building of Ohio, Columbus

And the original Wendy's!

Ohio is full of interesting things. For example, in Dublin, there is a field of cement corn!

And a Native American tribute of stone!

Not far away is the Longaberger Corporate Headquarters. The building is designed in the shape of a basket, and is visible from the intestate.

(right) At the Longaberger Homestead, there is the worlds largest basket of apples!

Ohio has recently surpassed Pennsylvania with the largest Amish community.

(right) In Mansfield, we met the executive director of the Mansfield art center, Paul Kemerling and he showed us around town. We ate lunch at the Walnut, where they serve fried pickles!

Mansfield, Ohio

Bottom floor of the Mansfield Art Center

Upstairs of the Mansfield Art Center

Our first night in Mansfield, we were invited over to Mark and Martha's house to for a fire and jam session.

Our second night, we were given tickets to opening night of the Mansfield Symphony

Kristin, Alfonso, Mark, and Martha heading into the symphony pre-party.

The theater was recently renovated to return its original  majesty!

(right) Our third day in Mansfield, the gallery hosted an opening reception, while Kristin was given access to use the studio to paint the WV painting (bottom)

(right) Kristin and Alfonso pose with executive director, Paul Kemerling, after giving an assembly at Discovery Middle School and a presentation for senior citizens at the Art Center.

Canton, Ohio, Pro Football Hall of Fame

Black squirrels frequent Ohio

Kent State University, May 4th Memorial

A sculpture on the green was marred with a bullet hole on that dark day in 1970.

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, Ohio

An ode to the committed Browns fans out there!

Cleveland, Ohio

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