Exeunt Omnes       
 30 x 24"           
acrylic on canvas           
Salt Lake City Displays Exeunt Omnes

On April 27, 2006, artist, Kristin Abraham, and musician, Alfonso Llamas, added Utah to The Nomadic Project. Utah is the seventeenth state to become connected by art with the ambitious conceptual art project that is uniting the country. The Nomadic Project has been on the road for over five months, pulling inspiration from one state and leaving it in the next state over. A painting, inspired by Nevada, is now on display in downtown Salt Lake City. The chosen gallery was Utah Artist Hands, owned and operated by Pamela O’Mara.

Utah Artist Hands
shares unique and innovative art with the Salt Lake City community. They will be displaying the acrylic painting, titled Exeunt Omnes, until Abraham and Llamas complete their tour of the country in November of 2006. Exeunt Omnes was painted by Kristin Abraham, and addresses the contrasts of Nevada. As Abraham paints, Llamas composes original music and video. All of the work created in this year of traveling will be united in  The Nomadic Project traveling exhibit in November of 2007. The personal journals and records of the artists will also be revealed to the public. Through the exhibit, the intimate trials and triumphs of two passionate artists will be exposed alongside a land so vast and diverse that it would take an entire lifetime to discover.

The Nomadic Project
is quickly connecting the country through art. Make sure that you don't miss out on this exciting journey by visiting www.TheNomadicProject.com.  Contact the artists directly at TheNomadicProject@gmail.com and become part of art history, today. Or visit one of the participating galleries.

For more information on Utah Artist Hands and Utah's participation, contact Pamela O'Mara at 801-355-0206.

Nomadic Link

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