The Automaton vs. The Existentialist                             
 30 x 24"                                                  
acrylic on canvas                                                

Arizona Impacts The Nomadic Project

After four months and thirteen states, The Nomadic Project was faced with a major roadblock when their vehicle, serving as home and office for the traveling artists, was put out of commission. Despite the set back, Kristin Abraham and Alfonso Llamas, returned to the road to unite Arizona to thirteen other states.

The Nomadic Project, designed by Kristin Abraham and Alfonso Llamas is connecting the country through art, spending about a week in each state. The fine artist and musician designed their Honda Element to serve as a home and workspace for an entire year. In Tucson, Arizona, all plans hit the windshield, after being plowed into by another driver.

After several days of debating with insurance companies, Abraham and Llamas were able to continue the journey in a rental car until returning to Tucson, in about three weeks, to retrieve their repaired vehicle. “Giving up was not an option. We couldn’t turn our backs on the thirteen states already committed. But most of all, we believe too strongly in the purpose of this project to allow a car accident to stop the The Nomadic Project!”

On March 28th, Terbush Gallery, located in Sedona, Arizona, became a part of The Nomadic Project by displaying the painting The Automaton vs. The Existentialist. This makes Arizona, the fourteenth state to be connected; proving that with determination comes reward. The couple is now headed for California, where the Arizona-inspired painting will be placed.

The Automaton vs. The Existentialist is an acrylic on canvas painting that is inspired by New Mexico, but painted in Arizona. With this concept, inspiration is pulled from one state and left in the next, blurring borders and connecting the country. The Terbush Gallery is represents Arizona by displaying the piece until November of 2006. During this time, each painting in the Nomadic Series can be purchased at a special price of $910, and the owner will receive an engraved nameplate to be displayed with their piece during display.

To learn more about The Nomadic Project, log on to View images from all fourteen states, and discover where each painting is located. Also, be prepared to experience the entire journey; through a four dimensional, traveling exhibit beginning in November of 2008. Become part of the journey by contacting the artists directly at For information regarding Terbush Gallery, visit or call (928) 203-4930 (or toll-free at 1-877-203-4925).

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