Montana inspired
       30 x 24"
       acrylic on canvas

Sioux Falls Displays "Freedom"

After spending time in the Black Hills, The Nomadic Project rolled across prairie lands to reach a gallery in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. But, before the painting titled "Freedom" was hung, it had already been sold. The piece was inspired by Montana, and more specifically, the victory at The Battle of the Little Bighorn. Victory? Yes, an Indian victory. Although short-lived, this triumph for Native Americans became a very significant part of America's history.

South Dakota became the 26th state to participate in the conceptual art project that is connecting the country through art. Creators of The Nomadic Project, Kristin Abraham and Alfonso Llamas met with Deb Klebanoff, Executive Director of the Sioux Empire Arts Council. She agreed to display the Montana-inspired canvas at the Arts Council's gallery, "The Horse Barn," until the end of 2006. This two-story gallery is, indeed shaped like a barn, however the only horses inside are two dimensional and created from paint.

The ink was still wet on the gallery contract when Margaret Sudbeck, a gallery volunteer who had listened to Abraham and Llamas discuss The Nomadic Project, decided to purchase "Freedom" for herself. The painting will remain on display at the Sioux Falls gallery until all fifty states are connected. Then, the piece will travel to each state in The Nomadic Project Exhibit. As for Margaret, although she won't receive her painting right away, she will be honored with a nameplate displayed with the piece at all times, as well as a signed giclee print to display while her painting tours the country. "Buyers who purchase a painting from the Nomadic Series, this early in the project, know that they are initially buying into a conceptual art project. They can feel proud when they visit the exhibit and see their name displayed next to their painting," Abraham explains. This is also why The Nomadic Project offers a simple payment plan during the time where the owner won't physically have their painting!

The Nomadic project works to connect the country through art by pulling inspiration from one state and leaving it in the next. In only a week's time, Abraham and Llamas explore as much of one state as possible. Abraham then paints an impression of their experience while Llamas journals through music. Abraham's painting is placed in a gallery in their next state and displayed for sale until the end of the year.

Beginning in November of 2007, all fifty paintings will unite for an exhibit meant to provoke discussion and incite adventure. This four dimensional experience will feature all facets of the journey including: music, sketches, journal entries, e-mails from throughout the country, and video footage. The exhibit will only appear for a maximum of two weeks in each state.

Some of the galleries committed to The Nomadic Project are American Fine Art, Dallas, TX, Crossroads Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM, Art Encounter, Las Vegas, NV, Carla Schmidt Gallery, San Francisco, CA, Habitat Gallery, Denver, CO, the Portland Art Center, Portland, OR, and Kirsten Gallery, Seattle, WA. A full list of participating galleries can be viewed at where all of the paintings, music and pictures are displayed.

An important aspect of the journey is the involvement of the community. Individuals are encouraged to track the journey at and correspond via e-mail ( A new forum has also been launched on the website to provoke conversation about travel, art, and music. 



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