South Dakota

December 29, 1890
30 x 24"
acrylic on canvas

Became a state in 1889.

Mount Rushmore

Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, Lincoln

Washington's profile.

Warning! Even with a National Park Pass, Mount Rushmore costs $8 to park!

Crazy Horse Monument- when finished will be the largest stone sculpture in the world

Prairie Dog

1888, Dakota Territory Jail

Lakota bumper sticker

Wounded Knee Burial Ground

Plaque placed at "Custer Battlefield" before the name was recently changed to Little Bighorn Battlefield.

The riders carried this flag to Bighorn, unsuccessful the first time, were chased away by U.S. military.

Advertising free water brought fame and fortune to the pharmacy.

Wall Drug original well.

Capital building, Pierre, South Dakota

Extreme heat wave . . .  and sleeping in the car!

Painting outside in Pierre, SD. Taking breaks in the Missouri River.

Pavilion at Pierre City Park. Kristin taking shelter from the sun while painting Freedom.

Mitchell, South Dakota. This entire building is made out of corn - dried husks and cobs. We didn't make it inside because we were busy talking with a Donald and Elizabeth from Pennsylvania.

We hit this monarch driving 60 mph, and it survived. We turned around to save it, however it didn't have strength to fly and died in the night.

Sioux Falls Art Association - The Barn Art Gallery.
Freedom is on display until January 1st, 2007.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

We saw several four wheelers on the road.

Schoolhouse Ingalls Homestead. Near Lake Preston.

Sunflower fields

(left) Sakakawea (Sacajawea) Memorial

(above) Crazy Horse Memorial. His grave has been moved here, overlooking the Missouri River. We met Bryan Defender and Rhett Albers, who are working to preserve his memory.

Broken mud nests.

Remains of a fallen baby bird.

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