Left At The Tracks
24 x 30"
acrylic on canvas
Fayette Gallery, Lexington, KY

When we went to the Natural Tunnel it was Christmas Eve so the chair lift was closed, and we were the only ones there. We ran down the path to the tracks because it was downhill. It wasn't until we hiked back up that we realized why they had a chair lift. 

That night, we drove up Mt. Rogers, the highest point in Virginia (5729 ft.). We parked at Bear Tree Rec. Area and wondered down snow covered paths to a frozen lak
We didn't venture out onto the ice until the morning,

 then we realized that it was completely solid.

After eating an orange for breakfast, we made our way to the scenic overlook at the top. For some reason, it was a little warmer up there!

Driving along, we came across a rooster farm. A first to us, we had to stop and listen to these beautiful birds who were chained to their barrel houses. We felt bad for them, but worse for anyone living near the screeching creatures.
  After passing through Tazewell, we drove along the Crooked Road, past a shot tower and Lover's Leap Wayside.                  

The next day, we discovered that Roanoke was pretty much deserted because the city decided to take Monday off, even though Christmas was on Sunday. So, we moved on to the Natural Bridge.

This major tourist trap seemed not so natural anymore. That is when we came upon the FOAMHENGE. Pretty crazy that someone built a replica of Stone Henge out of Foam.
      Camped right outside of the Shenandoah National Forest.

Richmond, VA
Our friends, Anne-Marie and Cassie Anne at the Poe Museum  explained how the oldest house still standing in Richmond was turned into a Museum for legendary author, Edgar Allen Poe.
At Art Works, owned by Plant Zero, visitors can enter the studios of local artists as well as admire their work on display. Unfortunately, while we were there, none of the artists were in their studios, so we talked with Brett at the Art Store who told us a little about the Richmond art scene.

We also checked out the State Capital.
      We visited Jamestown, the first permanent colony in America. Although most of it has been destroyed or buried, walking the roads really brings you back in time. Pay attention to the way the fences are built, and don't miss the glass-blowing demonstration.
The Chesapeake Bay
The Torpedo Factory, Alexandria, VA
Alexandria, just outside of D.C. We learned a lot about the first President by visiting The George Washington  Masonic National Memorial. (Before, all we new about the Free Masons was what we saw in the movie, National Treasure) The Free Masons still meet to this day.

Alexandria is also where the TN painting, Strum, was placed, thanks to Kelly at Kelly's Art and Frame Gallery.

The road closed at dusk, so we stayed at the Panorama until morning.
Us at the Panorama, Shenandoah National Park, Virginia.

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